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POS displays

POS displays

Improve your brand awareness and customer loyalty with POS.

We provide POS displays and items of all kinds, some semi-permanent, in various materials, e.g. cardboard, PS, PMMA, wood and metal, exclusively for each customer; while controlling the entire process, from design to manufacturing and shipping.


Our way of working is based on capturing attention and promoting interest, desire and action.
This methodology uses consumer behaviour as a basis for considering what they think, need and want; thereby being able to create and introduce approaches that are compatible with each stage of their purchasing process.



Arouse people's curiosity. The idea is to offer something that really piques the public's curiosity, using an approach that also helps your company stand out from the competition.



After attracting the potential customer's attention, it's critical to spark interest in your offer. From this point, the potential buyer has already entered your sales funnel.



Customers understand that your company offers something that can really help them. To take them to the next stage of the purchase process, the indication is to show (and demonstrate) that the benefits presented can be acquired only if the purchase is made with your company.



Now is the time to close the sale and to create striking calls to action, through POS, that tell people the action they have to carry out.

We make all kinds of advertising items for the point of sale:

Counter display

The counter display in small establishments is ideal for bringing your product closer to the final consumer:

– It is a safe way to encourage consumption

– It is a lightweight, but very strong, solution.

– It reduces assembly time.

Floor stand

The floor stand is a large display with a limited lifetime. Usually made of cardboard, it advertises offers or short duration actions, and is placed directly on the point of sale floor or sometimes in shop windows.

The materials and their composition mean this option requires minimal investment of time for a productive end result.


The Roll-up display is practical, lightweight, easy to assemble and transport and an excellent communication tool to promote your products, brand or event in your store or office.


The Roll up is a very effective means of attracting the attention of your customers.